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Reception by L.M. Vincent
Released: July 20, 2016

"A well-engineered farce with some problematic characterization."
In this comic novel set in 1981, a pre-wedding reception with a spiked punch bowl leads to revelations among a group of old friends and acquaintances. Read full book review >
PAS DE DEATH by L.M. Vincent
Released: March 15, 1994

Self-deprecating Kansas City radiologist Dr. Townsend Reeves (Final Dictation, 1989) gets more than he bargained for when he sneaks with his sometime wife, dancer Leslie Rosenthal, into a closed rehearsal of the rival Moreau Company's new dance (setting in motion a chain of events that won't end until both raging ego Gerard Moreau and his sexually omnivorous partner, Felicia Bradley, are dead) and when he agrees to cover his friend Dr. Howard Gorell's absence from his fertility clinic the next day (not realizing quite what a pivotal role he'll be playing in his first artificial insemination). Read full book review >