Books by Lono Waiwaiole

Lono Waiwaiole was born in San Francisco and spent his childhood moving up and down the West Coast, a rollercoaster ride that took him to 15 different schools by the time he graduated from high school in Portland, Oregon. Lono is half Hawai'ian, a quart

WILEY’S REFRAIN by Lono Waiwaiole
Released: Dec. 5, 2005

"Up to now, this series (Wiley's Shuffle, 2004, etc.) has been admirably rooted in the noir tradition, but watch out. Noir heroes tend to lose their edge when they turn cerebral."
Vengeance is Wiley's after a talented young musician is taken down. Read full book review >
WILEY’S SHUFFLE by Lono Waiwaiole
Released: June 17, 2004

"Wiley does it all: He shuffles, deals, and scores impressively. We may be watching the emergence of a major talent."
Neo-noir spoken here, even more fluently than in Wiley's striking debut (Wiley's Lament, 2003). Read full book review >
WILEY’S LAMENT by Lono Waiwaiole
Released: March 1, 2003

"Plotholes here and there, but a creditable debut by a writer who speaks fluent noir."
Melancholic, existentially adrift, and as solitary as Crusoe before the advent of Friday, Wiley's in a bad way—a given, of course, in a novel so quintessentially noir. Read full book review >