Books by Louis Calaferte

C'est la guerre by Louis Calaferte
Released: July 1, 1999

"A grim and powerfully convincing picture of ordeal and survival, all the more effective by virtue of its sedulous understatement."
paper 0-8101-6068-4 C'est la guerre ($59.95; paper $14.95; Jul.; 130 pp.; 0-8101-6032-3; paper 0-8101-6068-4): This 1993 novel from the French author of The Way It Works with Women (1998) is an impressionistic picture of street life in Paris under German occupation during WWII. Read full book review >
Released: Sept. 1, 1998

"Nabokov would have been horrified by this sleazy stuff, and Henry Miller would have proclaimed it puerile."
The Way It Works With Women ($24.95; Sept.; 143 pp.; 0-8101-6033-1): The first of Calaferte's many novels to be translated into English, this offensively explicit short tale, originally published in 1992, is an anatomy, so to speak, of its unnamed narrator's experiences with equally anonymous, sexually compliant women (and that's putting it mildly). Read full book review >