Books by Louise A. Berry

Released: April 30, 1991

Pedestrian, redundant writing and fuzzy focus undermine this effort from its first chapter (``This book is about lowland tropical moist forests...They grow in the tropics at low altitudes, as opposed to mountaintops, and are damp'') to its concluding plea for conservation (``Like a watchful lifeguard, we need to be aware that the rain forests are in trouble and heed their urgent cries for help''). There is a fair amount of information here, and some excellent recommendations, but this important topic deserves better organization and editing. Most of the photos are small and dark. A good book about efforts to save the rain forests is still urgently needed; meanwhile, this helps fill the gap. Glossary; further reading; list of organizations; index. (Nonfiction. 10-14) Read full book review >

An anti-pollution tract that emphasizes damage to coastal regions, particularly in the Massachusetts area. Effects of weather and erosion are covered, as well as changes resulting from increased numbers of shoreline homes and people-produced pollutants. The greenhouse effect, which may change the ocean level, is also mentioned. Young people are encouraged to join organizations committed to safeguarding the coast. Research here, however, seems incomplete; mentioning the Chesapeake Bay and Puget Sound does not mask the fact that the examples and facts come primarily from Massachusetts sources. Also possibly as a result of the collaborative authors preparing different sections, style is uneven. The distinct ion made between evolutionary changes (which the authors feel must be accepted) and cataclysmic ones is murky. Though this provides a preliminary view of coastal problems, the topic deserves more complete coverage. Read full book review >