Books by Ludwig Bemelmans

LA BONNE TABLE by Ludwig Bemelmans
Released: Oct. 28, 1964

"Michelin would give it three stars and five forks."
Although everything served up here has something to do with eating, this is not a cookbook and it consists of assorted autobiographical pieces about restaurateurs, head waiters or chefs or piccolos or maitres d'hotel, about hotels or innkeeping in general or guests in particular. Read full book review >
Released: Jan. 1, 1963

"Perhaps an acquired taste?"
A panopticon of the bizarre, this has an imprisoned princess (Gala) whose (strip-tease) beauty and art conquers all; her demanding master-husband (Miomo — who cats living creatures); and the young American professor who loves but does not aspire to Gala. Read full book review >
ON BOARD NOAH'S ARK by Ludwig Bemelmans
Released: May 18, 1962

Bemelmans is always surprising us by appearing in new roles- this time as a yachtsman. Read full book review >
Released: Nov. 13, 1961

"For travel book addicts as well as for the Bemelmans' fans."
A wholly unorthodox approach to touring Italy enlivened by Bemelmans' individuality and the odd angles he chooses for exploration. Read full book review >
WELCOME HOME by Ludwig Bemelmans
Released: Sept. 28, 1960

"This is the story, but told in the delightful verse of Ludwig Bemelmans and illustrated in his flavorful drawings, it assumes the proportion of a comic and wistful fable, a wry metaphor of the life struggle."
Ludwig Bemelmans has done it again; he has taken what is a concept of mature wit and imagination and fashioned it into a story which will be the delight both of children and parents. Read full book review >
Released: June 15, 1960

"For Bemelmans' followers this is a change of pace and it is not for the casual, average novel reader."
Punishments and not love are rules for the teller of this chronicle of revolt — the unnamed daughter of a French militarist, a Spanish mother, and the sister of Hugo, as unhappy as she. Read full book review >
Released: Sept. 11, 1959

"Ludwig Bemelman's whimsical verse and his exuberant color illustrations will delight the ignorant into the world of Madeline and continue to enchant those readers already familiar with Madeline, Madeline's Rescue, and Madeline and the Bad Hat."
Again Madeline! Read full book review >
MY LIFE IN ART by Ludwig Bemelmans
Released: Oct. 15, 1958

HOLIDAY IN FRANCE by Ludwig Bemelmans
Released: Nov. 13, 1957

"Good reading."
Collected and illustrated by the unpredictable creator of Madeline, this frankish omnibus spans the savoir faire of gastronomy to proper behavior en famille. Read full book review >
THE WOMAN OF MY LIFE by Ludwig Bemelmans
Released: Oct. 10, 1957

"His many readers will assure its reception."
The search for love is the theme of this French flavored tale in which the Duc de Montfort-Lamoury's adventures with women give Bemelmans a chance to distill the essence of Paris, food and drinks, the countryside and the Gallic attitude. Read full book review >
MADELINE AND THE BAD HAT by Ludwig Bemelmans
Released: March 8, 1957

"Fair stitching."
More nonsense about Madeline (of Madeline's Rescue and the Caldecott Award) versifies her encounters with the Spanish Ambassador's son who, when he is not trying to impress the little girls at Madeline's school, is off being mean to animals. Read full book review >
THE WORLD OF BEMELMANS by Ludwig Bemelmans
Released: Oct. 7, 1955

"It should make new converts."
There is definitely a Bemelmans' cult, and some of his earlier work- now out of print- has helped build that enthusiastic corps of admirers. Read full book review >
PARSLEY by Ludwig Bemelmans
Kirkus Star
illustrated by Ludwig Bemelmans
Released: Sept. 1, 1955

"But they are even further benefited when a branch of the tree catches the binoculars of an unfortunate hunter- and artfully dangles them in a position that allows the animals to use them to spy future marauders of the human sort."
The happy decision to reprint the story of Old Parsley in book form (after its first appearance in Woman's Day in 1953) brings us the tale of how a gnarled pine growing on an abyss helped the animals who lived nearby. Read full book review >
Released: Feb. 23, 1955

"And always one feels Bemelmans, slightly offstage, observing, recording, commenting, illustrated."
An extravaganza in Bemelmans' inimitable vein, but written almost dead pan, with sly, amusing, sometimes biting undertones, breaking through. Read full book review >
THE HIGH WORLD by Ludwig Bemelmans
Released: June 15, 1954

"Mountain worlds captured in text and pictures in Bemelman's characteristic style."
Bemelmans' audience embraces the young and young at heart, and Holiday readers have been following this story of what happened in an Austrian Tyrol village when a hydroelectric plant changed the lives of its inhabitants. Read full book review >
FATHER, DEAR FATHER by Ludwig Bemelmans
Released: Aug. 1, 1953

"Sudden bits of serious philosophy relieve; it of the charge of sheer insanity."
Meat for Bemelmans' fans, in the groove with How to Travel Incognito, quite mad and utterly beguiling. Read full book review >
MADELINE'S RESCUE by Ludwig Bemelmans
Released: April 3, 1953

"A Gallic spirit for an all-American audience."
The name is magic to an ageless but perennial public for a further adventure in stylized, wistful watercolors and charmingly imperfect rhyme. Read full book review >
THE HAPPY PLACE by Ludwig Bemelmans
Released: Sept. 18, 1952

"Adults too will feel a twinge at the double meaning about giving and happiness, and enjoy seeing the wonderful Bemelmans' pictures."
Bemelmans in an animal story with a bittersweet moral, narrated with his calm humor, is a success. Read full book review >
Released: June 12, 1951

"Granted that Bemelmans is- for many- an acquired taste, this qualifies, in a way that many of his recent books have failed to do."
Bemelmans in his old vein of exuberant nonsense, complete with the kind of picture he has immortalized. Read full book review >
SUNSHINE by Ludwig Bemelmans
Released: June 15, 1950

"Bound in board with decorated and papers."
Not entirely for the children is this latest by the fine-knifed master of satire. Read full book review >
THE EYE OF GOD by Ludwig Bemelmans
Released: Oct. 28, 1949

"But it is a wholly Bemelmans' production, from endpapers to endpapers."
Ludwig Bemelmans rarely writes a novel that conforms to any pattern and this is no exception. Read full book review >
HOTEL BEMELMANS by Ludwig Bemelmans
Released: June 15, 1946

"So here's a feast for Bemelmans' fans- who particularly like his stories of the personnel- the behind-scenes of a grand hotel."
Though this volume includes the whole of Hotel Splendide and Life Class in so far as those stories dealt with hotel life and personnel, and a number of stories from other volumes, and some which many of us read in The New Yorker, and only three wholly new ones, the general impression is of a new book, with freshness and vitality, the wit, humor, pathos, and the inimitable Bemelmans' touch. Read full book review >
Released: June 15, 1943

"A tale, which will sell on the Bemelmans' name —particularly with the impetus of BOM selection for March."
An extravaganza of a day that is past, a day for which Bemelmans recurrently betrays a wistful affection. Read full book review >
ROSEBUD by Ludwig Bemelmans
illustrated by Ludwig Bemelmans
Released: Oct. 1, 1942

"We miss the lilt of Madeleine and doubt that this Bemelmans will go as far."
Adult in humor is this slight story of an attenuated pink rabbit who reads in a book about animals that "The rabbit is a small rodent — scared, shy and hysterical". Read full book review >
SMALL BEER by Ludwig Bemelmans
Released: Aug. 1, 1939

"They reflect the people in Bemelmans' checkered history; the incidents which make good tales; but they are rarely autobiographical, and should stand alone as a collection of amusing episodes, by a unique artist."
This is not what I was led to expect from the suggestion that it was part of the Bemelmans' autobiographical panel. Read full book review >
MADELINE by Ludwig Bemelmans
Released: June 15, 1939

"And the text is not keyed to the interests or understanding of the average child."
Yes, it will sell:- (1) because it is Ludwig Bemelmans and a beautiful book; (2) because Bemelmans' sense of humor tickles the risibilities of adults and they buy books. Read full book review >
LIFE CLASS by Ludwig Bemelmans
Released: Nov. 14, 1938

"This has the same quality of poking fun at himself."
This is a unique sort of autobiography — not a complete story of a life of contradictions, but a slice out of that life, and an intimate glimpse behind the scenes in American hotels — as seen by Bemelmans, — bus boy, waiter, assistant to the manager of the banquet hall, etc. First a brief sketch of a Tyrolean background, a childhood in Bavaria, failure in successive schools — and the chance to go to America. Read full book review >
QUITO EXPRESS by Ludwig Bemelmans
Released: Sept. 30, 1938

"Entertaining adventures of a baby in Ecuador — a baby who cannot resist the fascination of a train and who crawls aboard,and of how the conductor took care of him and finally found his family."
Bemelmans at his best, with enchanting pictures and a story that is better gauged for small readers (and listeners) than most of his. Read full book review >
THE CASTLE NO. 9 by Ludwig Bemelmans
Released: Oct. 25, 1937

"Pictures and text by the author of Hansi."
Bemelmans has a unique gift for absurdity in a unique form. Read full book review >
NOODLE by Ludwig Bemelmans
Released: Aug. 29, 1937

"Grand nonsense and enchanting pictures, by the author-artist of Hansi."
Not so frankly adult as the beloved Ferdinand, but adults will also chortle over the strange search pursued by Noodle, the dachshund, who bemoans the inadequacy of his shape when it comes to digging bones, and tries to decide what shape he prefers when the dog fairy gives him a chance to get his wish. Read full book review >
THE GOLDEN BASKET by Ludwig Bemelmans
Released: Sept. 11, 1936

"The special quality of naiveté and sophistication combined make Bemelmans' pictures, perfectly reproduced, a joy in themselves."
Bemelmans' Hansi is one of the bright spots of the past two years in juveniles, and I feel that he fills a very special need. Read full book review >
HANSI by Ludwig Bemelmans
Released: Oct. 1, 1934

"One of the nicest books of the year."
An enchanting picture story book about a small boy who goes from Innsbruch up to the high mountains of the Tyrol for his Christmas holidays, and of his adventures there with his uncle and aunt and small cousin and the dachshund who went for a ski ride. Read full book review >

"Now and again, a serious undertone is sensed, as he reveals the infiltration of the Nazi propaganda, even among the refugees."
Small Beer was published in August 1939. Read full book review >