Books by Luigi Pirandello

HER HUSBAND by Luigi Pirandello
Released: Nov. 1, 2000

A rather acerbic 1911 novel, its author's fifth, that's at best a minor addition to the remarkable oeuvre of the Italian Nobel prizewinner (1867-1936) better known for his revolutionary plays. Based on the experiences of Pirandello's contemporary (and fellow Nobel laureate) Sardinia's Grazia Deledda, it's a satirical look at a successful woman fiction writer from humble origins who's shepherded through Rome's ineffably pretentious—and vicious—literary circles, circa 1900. There's a kind of muted nobility in protagonist Silvia Roncella's sturdy resistance to the literati's allure, but the character of her (eponymous) husband and manager, officious Giustino Boggiolo, is too obviously a straw man employed for what may have been Pirandello's settling of old literary scores. Readable and frequently amusing, but not one of Pirandello's important novels. Read full book review >