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Released: July 1, 2002

Amelia Bedelia fans will welcome her return as she makes a hash out of helping out at the doctor's office. Amelia volunteers to help mind Dr. Horton's office while the doctor is away, thus giving her the opportunity to lay waste one idiomatic medical expression after another. As is her way, Amelia takes everything at face value, which manages to amuse the children and pique the adults. One man calls the doctor's office to complain of ringing in his ears: "A ringing? Maybe you should answer the doorbell," Amelia suggests. Amelia fields another call from a woman: "I've caught some kind of bug." Amelia recommends to "let it go. Bugs can bite." "Draw blood," "check a temperature," "take a test"—somebody get her to stop. While her literalness allays the fears of young kids, it winds up having a company of irate phone callers descend upon the doctor's office. All is saved when the ice-cream man arrives: "I told you I was treating your patients," Amelia explains to Dr. Horton, after she's rushed back to the office on hearing the news of Amelia's involvement. Sweat's appealing pen-and-watercolor art works at times like a rebus, helping young readers understand Amelia's take on the idiom. But there is little by way of story here. Parish has aimed instead for a steady—at times relentless—stream of yucks, which turns Amelia into a bit of a robot by erasing her endearing qualities. (Easy reader. 5-7)Read full book review >