Books by Lynn V. Andrews

Released: Sept. 3, 1993

"Anyone interested in menopause should turn instead to Gail Sheehy's The Silent Passage or Germaine Greer's The Change. (Illustrations)"
Given the title, as well as the neo-Castanedan spiritual odyssey that the author has undertaken in the past (Shakkai, 1992; The Woman of Wyrrd, 1990; etc.), Andrews's newest journey is ironically physical, even clinical, seeming to contradict her own thesis that a spiritual awakening compensates for the physical losses occasioned by menopause. Read full book review >
SHAKKAI by Lynn V. Andrews
Released: Aug. 3, 1992

In a bizarre addition to her Sisters of the Shield series (The Woman of Wyrrd, 1990, etc.), Andrews recounts her ``spiritual'' adventures in a future life as a young Japanese woman, an acolyte of Shakkai, keeper of the sacred gardens—an image of nature, its healing power, and the inner female life. Read full book review >