Books by Lynnette Austin

MUST LOVE BABIES by Lynnette  Austin
Released: June 5, 2018

"The romance takes a back seat in this sweet but uneventful story of a man who changes his ideas about family, love, and marriage in the face of unexpected responsibilities."
A confirmed bachelor meets an attractive woman and gains temporary custody of his nephew, all in the same night. Read full book review >
EVERY BRIDE HAS HER DAY  by Lynnette  Austin
Released: May 3, 2016

"Readers who enjoy detailed worldbuilding and secondary character development will like this story. Those who prefer a faster pace and more focus on the main characters should skip it."
In this Southern contemporary, a surly NYPD narcotics detective hides away in small-town Georgia after an investigation ends badly, only to find himself reluctantly drawn to his florist neighbor. Read full book review >