Books by Madeleine St. John

A PURE CLEAR LIGHT by Madeleine St. John
Released: July 1, 2000

"A brilliant entertainment, and one of the few contemporary novels savvy enough to treat religious faith both seriously and comically. Put this one on the shelf not far from Barbara Pym and Muriel Spark: Madeleine St. John is of their company."
Minutely observed and detailed analyses of both an endangered marriage and an unfulfilling affair dominate this witty, assured fourth novel from the Booker-nominated British author (A Stairway to Paradise, 1999, etc.). Read full book review >
A STAIRWAY TO PARADISE by Madeleine St. John
Released: Sept. 1, 1999

"John manages to dissect modern society with no trace of either sentimentality or bile: a rare treat."
A comedy of manners (and the lack thereof) played out among the lumpenintelligentia of present-day London, by the English novelist (the Booker-nominated The Essence of the Thing, 1998) who seems best placed to inherit Iris Murdoch's laurels. Read full book review >
THE ESSENCE OF THE THING by Madeleine St. John
Released: Sept. 1, 1998

"This deceptively easy read, then, is in fact spare, sure-handed, and emotionally canny."
The anatomy of a breakup, rendered with unswerving precision by the author of A Pure Clear Light (not reviewed), etc. Out of the blue, Jonathan informs Nicola that he's concluded she should move out of the apartment they've shared for years. Read full book review >