Books by Maegan Beaumont

BLOOD OF SAINTS by Maegan Beaumont
Released: Aug. 16, 2016

"As in her striking debut (Carved in Darkness, 2013), Beaumont ladles on the overwrought prose and tougher-than-thou attitudinizing. None of it is good for you, but you'll want to read it anyway."
Four years after faking her own death and vanishing into a wilderness fortress with her lover, professional killer Michael O'Shea, ex-homicide cop Sabrina Vaughn comes out of hiding when a monstrous figure from her past makes her an offer she can't refuse. Read full book review >
SACRIFICIAL MUSE by Maegan Beaumont
Released: July 8, 2014

"All the characters, the quick and the dead, are forgettable, and the killer's plot is as baroque and labored as any conceit Ellery Queen ever hatched but a lot less ingenious and compelling. The one thing that stays with you is Beaumont's intensity, which would be scary if it were more sharply focused."
Now that Inspector Sabrina Vaughn's back in San Francisco Homicide, everyone wants a piece of her—her boss, her homicidal ex-lover, the Fourth Estate and, of course, a serial killer. Read full book review >
CARVED IN DARKNESS by Maegan Beaumont
Released: May 8, 2013

"Pulse-pounding terror, graphic violence and a loathsome killer. First of a series."
A homicide inspector and a killer for hire make an unlikely team. Read full book review >