Books by Maggie Twohill

Released: Jan. 30, 1992

Amanda is Walter's only friend; she knows he dreads Valentine's Day, when he'll be publicly humiliated as the least popular fifth grader, so she stuffs the class Valentine box with 50 cards, all addressed to Walter in different handwritings. It transpires that every other fifth grader believes that everyone else has noticed hitherto unappreciated qualities in Walter, and, not wanting to be hindmost, each avidly courts him. Amanda is chagrined by Walter's reaction to his sudden popularity—he hardly has time to speak to her—but by book's end they're putting their friendship into a new, mutually satisfactory balance. Lightweight and only marginally amusing. For an easily read valentine story with similar circumstances but more interesting characters and a more substantial story, try Barbara Cohen's 213 Valentines (p. 1008). (Fiction. 8-11) Read full book review >
SUPERBOWL UPSET by Maggie Twohill
Released: March 29, 1991

Fifth-grade classmates Ginger Bidwell and Lucas Ridley, both avid sports fans, were rivals long before they became unwilling step-siblings four months ago — but their happy parents are unfailingly patient, even through most of the disasters. Mom wins a dream weekend for four — all expenses paid to the Super Bowl in New Orleans — during which everything goes wrong from the time the tickets don't arrive: the plane's late, obnoxious strangers ``befriend'' them, and then the replacement tickets never materialize, so that the family ends by watching the game on TV in their hotel room — in the company of several unwelcome extras. Predictably, Mom and Dad finally lose their cool, providing a negative example that nudges the kids toward beginning to mend their differences. The situations here never get as comic as Twohill probably intended, perhaps because the family's difficulties are all too plausible; nor does she delve beneath the kids' bickering surface enough to make this more than another sitcom about learning to get along in a new family. Still, a moderately amusing, easily read example of its genre. (Fiction. 8-11) Read full book review >