Books by Malcolm Forsythe

LAST KNOWN ADDRESS by Malcolm Forsythe
Released: Dec. 1, 2001

"Old pro Forsythe (Only Living Witness, 2000, etc.) keeps the pot boiling briskly. A feast for readers with a taste for epic theatrics, innuendo, and bodies buried in the garage. "
Amy Foster's granddad dies unexpectedly and there's no money to bury him, so the orphaned youngster decides on burglary as a career. Unfortunately, she picks on stately Hawkhills just as its owners, first cousins Rick and Drusilla Layton, return home. With an unscrupulous gleam in their eyes, the Laytons give her room, board, a makeover, and a job. Amy is soon, uncomfortably, posing nude for artist Drusilla and overhearing Rick put the moves on Harry Weston's wife Yvonne in the hope that she'll convince Harry to sell him his computer firm. When she asks about the bars on her bedroom windows, she's told that they were put there to protect dear old granny, now locked away in a nursing home. Chief Inspector Milson and Sergeant Scobie, meanwhile, are looking into the disappearance of former Layton au pair Katrina Kovacs. Drusilla's mom Constance insists Katrina simply debunked, but when Harry is stabbed to death and an incriminating photograph is found in his safe, they decide they have a double homicide on their hands. A former Weston employee will be thrashed and his unhappy young wife seduced, Amy will be led on still further, and there'll be major computer shenanigans, business espionage, licentiousness, and family secrets aired before Katrina's and Harry's fates are laid bare. Read full book review >
ONLY LIVING WITNESS by Malcolm Forsythe
Released: June 1, 2000

"Forsythe's American debut under his own name, as much soap opera as mystery, collapses under a surfeit of red herrings, illicit sex, and selfish twits. By the time the least likely character is neatly revealed as the murderer, few readers will care."
When Helen Forman decides to remodel the house her father Eddie gave her, the builder uncovers a corpse murdered 25 years ago. At first, Chief Inspector Millson and Sergeant Scobie think the murder has nothing to do with the current occupant. A closer look at the blueprints, however, shows that it occurred while Helen's aunt and uncle, Piers and Mary, lived in the house with three teenaged foster children. Was the corpse one of the children? The answer is not easy to find: Helen and her siblings never knew Piers and Mary Forman, and now they're both dead. Even her father, now suffering from Alzheimer's disease, was estranged from Piers throughout Helen's life. What's needed is a second corpse, and one obligingly turns up, naked and drowned, at Dengie Flats. With some help from a peeping Tom, Scobie traces a yacht spotted just off the beach the night of the murder to Greg Henderson, who leases it to Helen's brother Bobby—and has another, more intimate connection to her family. Then Bobby and the yacht are blown up, leaving his stepmother, though not his wife, grieving. Days later, Eddie is suffocated. In the end, the last living witness to the 25-year-old murder turns up, and Millson just manages to keep her from being the last victim. Read full book review >