Books by Maralys Wills

SCATTERPATH by Maralys Wills
Released: May 20, 1993

"Notwithstanding the author's dead-on command of black-box and procedural detail, then: a clumsy, suspense-free narrative whose cul-de-sac plotting keeps it earthbound."
A would-be shocker that, for all its chillingly authentic asides on air crashes, never gets off the ground. Read full book review >
Released: April 15, 1992

"A gripping tale of transformation and redemption—though some may gasp at the cost."
A California mother of six joins one of her surviving sons in recounting their family's tragic and exhilarating involvement in hang gliding—an unusual tale of an eccentric American family, and, perhaps unintentionally, a stern warning to others who long to fly. Read full book review >