Books by Marc Lappe

Released: June 4, 1996

"But he has succeeded in taking a subject that usually receives only skin-deep attention and making it both engaging and provocative."
From the stratum corneum to the hypodermis, an engrossing, warts-and-all census of the body's largest organ. Read full book review >
Released: Sept. 12, 1991

"Still, LappÇ's knowledgeable critique of the pro-chemical arguments at least provides debating ammunition for serious nonscientists who share his concern and who can tolerate his far-from-punchy prose."
In this exploration of the health risks arising from the modern chemical revolution, concerned public-health specialist LappÇ (The Broken Code, 1985, etc.) reports not only on what the dangers are (they include agricultural pesticides, benzene in the workplace, chlorinated solvents in drinking water, ``nonreactive'' chemicals such as silicone in breast implants, and ``natural'' chemicals such as estrogens in contraceptive pills), but also on what we know; how we can know given the complexity of multiple exposure, cofactors, interactions, and delayed effects; and the policy implications of the findings he cites and the reasoning he applies. Read full book review >