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SISMO by Marcia Biederman
Released: Dec. 13, 1993

"You've known how all this will turn out since Chapter 3, of course; but Biederman spices her battle of wits with dozens of irresistible grace notes—from Fowler's ludicrous attempt to masquerade as a free-lance journalist to his unexpected talent for murder."
Biederman's first novel since Post No Bonds (1988) does a lovely job of packaging the familiar tale of the opportunistic villain (hotel manager Brian Fowler, indicted in Texas for manslaughter when a tenant is fatally scalded in the shower) trying to fake his death (in an earthquake in Mexico City, where he's been carrying on business as usual for the company only too eager to give him the heave-ho) to throw off his nemesis (William Bermudez, NYPD, who gets set on Fowler's trail after he saves the victim's granddaughter, movie star Connie Oland, from a Manhattan crazy). Read full book review >