Books by Margaret McAllister

15 THINGS NOT TO DO WITH A PUPPY by Margaret McAllister
Released: Feb. 1, 2018

"It's particularly wonderful to see black children partaking of the joys a pet brings—charming and delightful. (Picture book. 3-7)"
A pair of siblings discovers things to avoid with their new puppy. Read full book review >
15 THINGS NOT TO DO WITH A BABY by Margaret McAllister
Released: March 15, 2015

"Sibling love, equal parts sweet and silly. (Picture book. 2-5)"
A list of silly "don't"s culminates in loving "do"s for one big sister in McAllister and Sterling's collaboration. Read full book review >
GHOST AT THE WINDOW by Margaret McAllister
Released: Aug. 1, 2002

This atmospheric ghost story delivers enough tension and shivers to satisfy all young ghost and mystery connoisseurs. Set near a loch in Scotland it has loads of fascinating elements, including an eerie house, a lost soul trapped between worlds, and a sealed closet concealing a dark secret. Within the ancient walls of Ninian House, strange things occur. It was built and rebuilt throughout the ages with stones and logs left over from the likes of Roman walls and crumbling abbeys. The house trips from time dimension to time dimension, one moment in the Middle Ages, the next flitting to the Victorian, but always back to the present. Ewan, our hero, and his artistic parents are eccentric enough to appreciate this about the house, but Ewan is discomfited by the appearance one day of the wan young girl, Elspeth, who pleads for help before vanishing again. Elspeth, we soon learn, died of diphtheria in the '30s. As she was about to pass away, the house shifted its place in time and trapped her. Ewan helps Elspeth, although it isn't as easy as it first appears. The key solution turns out to be Elspeth's cousin, Alex, now a grown man and priest. Disjointed elements rush to align too conveniently as when readers learn that the priest, Alex, is also a kind of ghost guide. But overall, McAllister's (Hold My Hand and Run, 2000) tightly wound plot speeds along without a wasted word. (Fiction. 9-13)Read full book review >
HOLD MY HAND AND RUN by Margaret McAllister
Released: May 1, 2000

Thirteen-year-old Kazy finds her aunt Latimer's beatings harsh indeed, but what she cannot abide is when the victim is her small stepsister, Beth. The aunt has taken over after the death of Beth's mother, Eliza, and she is a harsh change from that carefree spirit. Their father, a canon in 17th-century England, is too lost in grief over the loss of both young wives to see the cruelty his sister inflicts on the girls. Thus begins a great adventure. Kazy runs away with Beth, and manages to keep them alive, outwit tinkers, elude those who search for them, and finally find a place with relations of Eliza's that Kazy had only vaguely known existed. While the whole is rather romanticized and the ending terribly neat, Kazy's passion in protecting and defending her sister is fully realized and vividly rendered. There's enough historical detail to place the tale firmly in a far-away, but compelling past, and the adventure will attract readers who enjoy stories of resourceful girls who triumph over adversity. (Fiction. 9-14)Read full book review >