Books by Margaret Visser

Released: Nov. 19, 2009

"A book to be thankful for—sympathetic to human foible, deeply learned and a pleasure to read."
An anthropological and philosophical account of how and why we give thanks—or, at times, resist doing so. Read full book review >
Released: April 1, 2001

"A mixed bag full of surprises—often erudite, sometimes entertaining."
Idiosyncratic exploration of the history—political and archaeological—as well as the theology, iconography, and folkways to be revealed by close scrutiny of a single church in Rome. Read full book review >
THE WAY WE ARE by Margaret Visser
Released: March 1, 1996

"Reminiscent of, but not as clever as, Roland Barthes's Mythologies."
Visser moves on from the culture of food (The Rituals of Dinner, 1991, etc.) to the ``anthropology'' of everyday life, with a series of little essays that originally appeared in the Canadian weekly Saturday Night. Read full book review >
Released: July 1, 1991

"And isn't it past the time when merely pointing out the status connotations of everyday practices, without pressing on to any stimulating insights, is considered perceptive wit?"
In Much Depends on Dinner (1987), Visser drew on domestic and natural history, cultural anthropology, and personal observation for a fluent, free-ranging, item-by-item discussion of the separate foods (chicken, salt, ice cream, etc.) assembled for a hypothetical simple company dinner. Read full book review >