Books by Mari Jungstedt

THE INNER CIRCLE by Mari Jungstedt
Released: Dec. 1, 2008

"The investigation, as usual, crackles with tension, and the constant shifts in viewpoint are expertly managed. But the bizarre denouement is likely to make the third of Knutas's cases to appear in English the hardest sell to an American audience."
The murder of a Dutch student on a Gotland dig has roots more sinister than any Viking remains. Read full book review >
UNSPOKEN by Mari Jungstedt
Released: Sept. 6, 2007

"Features all the virtues of Knutas' English-language debut, from grim atmosphere to sharply rendered characters, plus a better constructed mystery with some unusually subtle clues."
Sweden's Det. Supt. Anders Knutas shows that the weeks leading up to Christmas can be just as bleak as the pitiless midsummer of Unseen (2006). Read full book review >
UNSEEN by Mari Jungstedt
Released: Sept. 5, 2006

"Jungstedt kicks off her series—the subsequent two are headed for English translation—with foreboding atmosphere, plausible police work, a pat ending, several loose ends and a particularly handsome use of those endless days in a Swedish June."
The island of Gotland during the longest days of the Scandinavian midsummer is the setting for Jungstedt's grim procedural debut, first published in Sweden in 2003. Read full book review >