Books by Marie-Anne Gillet

STANDING UP by Marie-Anne Gillet
Released: March 30, 2005

To pee and how to pee? That's not even a question for our young protagonist. No longer will he sit upon the toilet, but stand, proudly, like Manneken Pis, the little bronze cherub in Brussels who pleases so many with his urinating bravado. Our hero proves to be a fountain as well, his inexhaustible bladder allowing him extended practice in the art of peeing on one's feet (as it were). He pees into his mother's bath and on the street and soon learns no one's impressed. It's not as easy as it looks, as anyone who cleans a bathroom in a house full of boys will affirm, but it's a handy trick to learn. Gillet never makes it seem a superior act, just a natural extension of things, and Gilboux's easygoing artwork will keep even the most squeamish amused. Peeing standing up—there are benefits and downsides, and Gillet and Gilboux give them just the right degree of innocence and innocence lost. (Picture book. 2-5)Read full book review >