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MARITA by Marita Lorenz
Released: Sept. 5, 2017

"The congeries of stories has its interest, but Lorenz is an indifferent writer. One hopes that the movie version, to which this ties in, has a little more zing."
"I was stupid and haughty then, a rebel. I sleep alone now": Lorenz delivers a tale of espionage and deceit, told with rueful candor. Read full book review >
Released: Nov. 29, 1993

Move over, Mata Hari: Here are the wild—if nearly incredible- -adventures of a new Jane Bond, told with the help of Schwarz (Walking with the Damned, 1991, etc.). ``He held my face in his hands and kissed me—my first kiss....`Be with me,' he whispered.'' The amorous ``he'' is none other than Fidel Castro, flush from conquering Cuba seven weeks earlier but not too busy to notice the pretty 19-year-old visiting Havana with her father. Read full book review >