Books by Marita van der Vyver

CHILDISH THINGS by Marita van der Vyver
Released: Aug. 19, 1996

"An engaging account of adolescence, those fraught years when everything is deadly serious and nothing can be taken for granted- -especially in a place like South Africa."
From the author of Entertaining Angels (1995), a bittersweet if at times pretentious evocation of adolescence in South Africa in the '70s, a time of violent upheavals. Read full book review >
ENTERTAINING ANGELS by Marita van der Vyver
Released: Jan. 9, 1995

"Mixing honest prose and literary allusion with dreams and politics, van der Vyver has written a funny, intelligent, and inventive novel."
This Afrikaans debut novel, which became a bestseller and garnered South Africa's biggest literary prize, tells a modern-day fairy tale with an irreverent, feminist twist. Read full book review >