Books by Mark Gocke

Released: Oct. 1, 2010

As seasons change, Urbigkit follows the migration cycle of the American pronghorn antelope through western North America. Basic facts such as feeding habits, physical features, threats to the pronghorn and how they care for their young are introduced, as is information on some of the animal's more singular attributes, such as the fact that it is not an antelope at all, despite its name, and a fascinating disquisition on its four-chambered ruminant stomach. Gocke's full-color, often full-page photographs show the pronghorn in action and at rest as they make their 200-mile journey. Detailed close-ups of such features as a dewclaw, fur and horn sheath complement the text. A simple map illustrates the location of the herd population in southwestern Canada, western United States and northern Mexico. Backmatter includes sources and a note on pronghorn-conservation efforts. Full-page color photographs of the pronghorn in spring and winter decorate the endpapers, giving the book a stunning beginning and conclusion that frames the migration path. Animal enthusiasts as well as readers who live near pronghorn populations will find this book especially appealing. (Nonfiction. 8-12)Read full book review >