Books by Mark Nykanen

Mark Nykanen won four Emmys and an Edgar Allan Poe Award as a correspondent for NBC News. This is his third novel, following on the heels of his previous highly acclaimed thriller, The Bone Parade. He lives in Nelson, British Columbia.

SEARCH ANGEL by Mark Nykanen
Released: June 1, 2005

"Nykanen thinks he's written a devilishly entertaining serious novel about birth mothers and adopted children with this sickening blood-splash. Richard Laymon, your inheritor has arisen."
Another fiendishly detestable sexual-psycho-artistic serial killer from Nykanen. Read full book review >
THE BONE PARADE by Mark Nykanen
Released: Feb. 1, 2004

"Pages bronzed with horror."
Detestable, far from stylish, but irresistible suspense thriller, with no shortage of the grisly and ghastly. Read full book review >
HUSH by Mark Nykanen
Released: April 1, 1998

"Chet's grim illness is ghastly, but the plot twists and climax are unsurprising, reducing this to a standard-issue thriller."
Overly familiar debut melodrama somewhat redeemed by one fresh theme, the use of art therapy to overcome childhood mutism. Read full book review >