Books by Mark Perry

Released: Oct. 24, 2017

"A book that does much to explain quirks of foreign policy, providing a military context for them—and one that makes one wonder who's really in charge."
Why have we been in Afghanistan twice as long as the Soviets? Why did Saddam Hussein reign for a dozen more years after defeat in the Persian Gulf War? This study of the clash of military and civilian cultures goes a long way toward answering such questions. Read full book review >
Released: April 1, 2014

"A majestic overview with an engaging sense of the nuance of character. Thankfully, Perry doesn't become mired in familiar biographical detail."
In a study of quiet authority, Perry spotlights the presumptuous commanding general at the moment of his evolving maturity during the Pacific theater and apotheosis in the Philippines. Read full book review >
Released: May 11, 2004

"Intimate, spellbinding drama of the affinity between friends, each struggling in his own way to tell the country the truth about itself."
Journalist and historian Perry (Lift Up Thy Voice, 2001, etc.) examines in remarkable detail the 15-month period during which two iconic American figures produced monumental American literature. Read full book review >
Released: Nov. 1, 2001

"Engaging, intelligent, and likely to be of much interest to general readers, as well as of value in courses in American history, women's studies, and African American studies."
A finely rendered portrait of two Southern abolitionists and civil-rights activists, and of the time in which they lived. Read full book review >
Released: Dec. 1, 1997

"Just when historical sideroads and blow-by-blow battle depictions threaten to swamp readers, Perry veers back to Oates and Chamberlain, the twin Everymen of his satisfying, wide-lens perspective on history. (16 b&w photos not seen) (History Book Club main selection; author tour)"
Focusing on two Civil War heroes who commanded opposing regiments at Gettysburg, this dual biography forges an expansive, dramatic, highly readable history of the generation that came of age during that fateful conflict. Read full book review >
Released: June 20, 1994

"An engrossing look behind one of the decade's most dramatic moments."
An objective, well-researched historical backdrop to the Israeli-Palestinian peace accord, by a Washington-based reporter. Read full book review >
ECLIPSE by Mark Perry
Released: Oct. 16, 1992

"A first-rate briefing. (Eight pages of b&w photographs—not seen.)"
An evenhanded audit of the CIA's recent history concluding that, in the years since William Casey's death, the agency has become a "quintessential government bureaucracy." Read full book review >
FOUR STARS by Mark Perry
Released: March 23, 1989

Scores of books have been written about the American military. Read full book review >