Books by Martin Dillon

Released: Jan. 1, 2003

"The avalanche of minutiae only underscores the tenuousness of the assertions, and the tale drifts along on Maxwell's paranoia, bullying, and general unpleasantness, so undesirable a character that readers won't care how he met his end, just as long as he did. (8-page photo insert)"
A shaky case that British media tycoon Robert Maxwell, a giant in his own eyes if not his bankers', might have been given some help in dying when he tumbled from his yacht off the Canaries in 1991. Read full book review >
THE DIRTY WAR by Martin Dillon
Released: April 13, 1999

"A seminal, if dated, study of Northern Ireland's nightmarish legacy of official and unofficial violence."
An amazingly detailed and profoundly disturbing examination of the "dirty" covert war between Northern Ireland's paramilitary groups and British security forces. Read full book review >
Released: April 13, 1999

"A notably depressing read that exposes the horror of Northern Ireland's history. (21 b&w photos)"
A chilling, stomach-turning study of Northern Ireland's infamous Shankill Butchers, a Loyalist gang of murderers who preyed on Belfast's Catholic population. Read full book review >