Books by Marvin J. Wolf

Released: May 8, 2002

"Modest and keenly detailed, a welcome contribution to the literature of the Vietnam War."
An insightful memoir by the former prime minister of South Vietnam. Read full book review >
Released: Oct. 1, 1995

"Rarely reaches searing heat or soaring heights, but Means manages to sustain interest and energy throughout. (32 pages b&w photos, not seen) (Author tour)"
An overlong but often riveting account of the life of perhaps the most compelling American Indian of this century. Read full book review >
Released: Sept. 29, 1993

"A complex tale lacking in narrative drive—but of interest for its Oresteian picture of a family bent on self-destruction. (Photos)"
Lackluster, overcomplicated chronicle of patricide and matricide in southern California. Read full book review >

Offbeat recollections that provide a well-rounded, if sometimes bland and parochial, account of a pioneering broadcaster's career without imparting much insight on either his personal life or the industries in which he flourished. Read full book review >