Books by Mary-Ann Tirone Smith

GIRLS OF TENDER AGE by Mary-Ann Tirone Smith
Released: Jan. 11, 2006

"The childhood memories are great fun; the crime reporting workmanlike; the portrait of the adult relationships touching."
Smith (Love Her Madly, 2002, etc.) intertwines delightful stories from childhood with a grim chronicle of a sexual predator whose murder of the author's grade-school classmate has haunted her for decades. Read full book review >
SHE SMILED SWEETLY by Mary-Ann Tirone Smith
Released: June 3, 2004

When two pregnant redheads drown an ocean and 30 years apart, it's up to FBI Special Agent Poppy Rice (She's Not There, 2002, etc.) to establish the connection. Read full book review >
SHE’S NOT THERE by Mary-Ann Tirone Smith
Released: Feb. 3, 2002

"Ingenious stuff, though both Poppy and her supporting cast shine less brightly than in Love Her Madly (2002)."
Somebody should warn law-enforcement personnel against vacations. Read full book review >
LOVE HER MADLY by Mary-Ann Tirone Smith
Released: Jan. 11, 2002

"Despite loopy plotting and an unresolved ending: a fun, breezy, suspenseful delight."
Flip, flashy series debut, starring beautiful, spunky, tough-talking and crack-shooting FBI agent Penelope "Poppy" Rice as a special investigator poking into miscarriages of justice. Read full book review >
AN AMERICAN KILLING by Mary-Ann Tirone Smith
Released: Sept. 14, 1998

"Frothy fun that, when the narrator isn't gossiping about the Clintons or prattling about her fictitious successes, offers numerous compassionate glimpses of dead-end small-town life. (First printing of 75,000; author tour)"
A mostly entertaining whodunit featuring Denise Burke, a spunky, "pathologically cynical," bestselling true-crime journalist poking into a triple murder that exposes the sordid secrets of a philandering US congressman. Read full book review >
MASTERS OF ILLUSION by Mary-Ann Tirone Smith
Released: June 13, 1994

"Oddly unmoving writing about human tragedy."
The event at the center of this colorless novel—the Connecticut circus fire of 1944—is not by itself compelling enough to sustain interest, and the characters touched by it—mainly a woman who was burned in the fire when she was six months old and her husband, a firefighter obsessed with discovering who lit the blaze—are blanks. Read full book review >
THE PORT OF MISSING MEN by Mary-Ann Tirone Smith
Released: May 31, 1989

Smith comes up with a splashy premise in this story of a 15-year-old girl who wins two gold medals for diving in the 1936 Berlin Olympics—but it's sunk by the same combination of arch prose and contrived plot that afflicted her two earlier novels, The Book of Phoebe (1985) and Lament for a Silver-Eyed Woman (1987). Read full book review >