Books by Mary Burnett Smith

RING AROUND THE MOON by Mary Burnett Smith
Released: Oct. 7, 1998

"Still, Smith (Miss Ophelia, 1997) does succeed in evoking the difficulties of a child's dawning awareness of a pre—Civil Rights world, and the seeming truth that some differences cannot be overcome."
An emotionally pleasing coming-of-ager that suffers, unfortunately, from a drifting start and frail conclusion. Read full book review >
MISS OPHELIA by Mary Burnett Smith
Released: Sept. 1, 1997

"An attractive first novel, then, told with a smooth pro confidence, and with the style and ambiance of postWW II popular fiction. (Literary Guild alternate; author tour)"
A gently affecting tale set in the apartheid-striated Virginia of 1948, where a young girl in a rural ``colored'' community learns something about the complexities of adult love. Read full book review >