Books by Mary C. Ryan

ME TWO by Mary C. Ryan
by Mary C. Ryan, illustrated by Rob Sauber
Released: May 1, 1991

Seventh grade is getting the better of Wilf Farkus until, for a science project, he buys a kit for ``OceanPups'' that grow not the expected brine shrimp but an instant clone. The ``other Wilf'' has a computerlike mind and—after a few hours of listening to radio—the language and personality of a DJ. The ``real'' Wilf sends him off to school in his place and—with some fancy footwork—manages to keep the fact that there are two of him a secret until he's kidnapped by two bumbling but sinister geneticists who explain that the mix-up was caused by a lab accident. Enter Wilf (the newer one), loyally dashing to the rescue. After a mad chase, the police arrive; when the dust settles, the other Wilf has become a brand-new, suddenly orphaned ``Cousin Steve'' sharing the real Wilf's bedroom. For Beatrice Gormley fans, a well-thought-out, antic adventure. (Fiction. 11-14) Read full book review >