Books by Mary Chase

Released: Sept. 22, 1958

<p>Into the closet and over the bridge to a lilliputian land of elegant nobility go the perfectly normal Mason family. At least they were perfectly normal until ten-year-old Colin discovers that he has an older sister, who at five had for some reason deserted her family and gone to "them". The return of Loretta, the prodigal daughter, is attended with considerable bewilderment by the other Masons their mother joins them in the castle beyond the closet, and mustering all the wits they have, the agitated Masons forever bar the diminutive aristocrats from their lives. Much of the poignancy of Peter Pan lingers over this fantasy and though it appears to lack the dimension of Alice in Wonderland, it signs with its own special charm, the charm of unabashed fancy and resounding good sense, which made the author's Harvey a favorite of adult audiences.</p> Read full book review >