Books by Mary Flanagan

ADELE by Mary Flanagan
Released: Oct. 1, 1997

"Henry James might have disapproved, but one suspects he would have devoured every page of Adäle with agreeably guilty pleasure."
A highly charged, deeply eroticized historical and contemporary fiction from the American-born English author of two short-story collections and the novels Trust (1988) and Rose Reason (1992). Read full book review >
THE BLUE WOMAN by Mary Flanagan
Released: April 1, 1995

"A readable collection that chooses sensation over depth."
Novelist and short-story writer Flanagan retains her acerbic tone and dark vision in this second collection (after Bad Girls, 1985), with results alternately incisive and blunt. Read full book review >
ROSE REASON by Mary Flanagan
Released: Sept. 1, 1992

"But her plot, which starts out not only confident but rooted in credibility, loses itself and then turns febrile, making one wonder in the end what all the bother's been about."
Expatriate Flanagan, writing from London, trains her gaze back across the Atlantic—at least in the strongest sections of this second novel (following Trust, 1988, and the collection Bad Girls, 1985). Read full book review >