Books by Mary Fraser

Released: Nov. 1, 2009

Three former campers, leaders and now full-fledged teachers have compiled a treasure-trove of games and activities suitable for children in early-elementary- through upper-middle-school grades. While the title indicates "camp," the ideas are appropriate for a number of situations, from schoolyard play to gyms, backyards and community centers. Divided into five large categories—"Break the Ice," "Take It Easy," "Get Them Moving," "Run Them Ragged" and "Wet and Wild"—the games are also coded for certain features such as "Rainy Day," "Brain Games," "Everybody Wins" or "Team Builder." Clear, easy-to-follow instructions include number of players, equipment and game plan, augmented by Lum's humorous cartoon illustrations and completed with extra hints and tips for leaders in shaded sidebar-style notations. Tips range from "modifying for abilities" to "peaking games," in which suggestions are given for ending on a high note before kids get bored or frustrated. While most games are universally appropriate, a quick guide by age range would have been appreciated. Nevertheless, a great resource. (bibliography, index) (Nonfiction. YA)Read full book review >