Books by Mary Sheepshanks

OFF BALANCE by Mary Sheepshanks
Released: Feb. 1, 2001

"A well-realized examination of family and marriage that begs for a sequel."
An engaging psychological drama from Sheepshanks (Picking Up the Pieces, 1999, etc.) that pits two sisters against each other for the man they love. Read full book review >
PICKING UP THE PIECES by Mary Sheepshanks
Released: Jan. 1, 1999

"A classy comedy of manners that's also a delightfully witty commentary on those two great passions—the love of humans for each other for and their old homes."
With their lives languishing in as much disrepair as the houses they inhabit, three women—mother, daughter, and granddaughter—find themselves renovating old relationships and making some stunning changes. Read full book review >
FACING THE MUSIC by Mary Sheepshanks
Released: Sept. 17, 1997

"Mary Wesley fans take note."
An enjoyable, faintly sly account of upper-caste English domestic folderol—more of the entertaining same from Sheepshanks (A Price for Everything, 1996)—concerns a gifted flautist whose romantic life has the progression of a shaky sonatina: first, a loveless passion, then a passionless love, finally a peerless passion and regard. Read full book review >
A PRICE FOR EVERYTHING by Mary Sheepshanks
Released: June 3, 1996

"An enjoyably insubstantial look at the British upper crust and its desperate attempts to keep its houses together, both literally and figuratively."
An amusing though featherweight romp through the English countryside, this time pitting the love for husband against love for manor house, with predictable results. Read full book review >