Books by Matthew Hinsley

MERIDEN by Matthew Hinsley
Released: Nov. 1, 2018

"Swift, invigorating, and this fantasy saga's darkest book yet."
In this third installment of a series, a battle-weary group of heroes journeys to a village in need of help and unearths a multitude of unnerving secrets. Read full book review >
Tinder & Flint by Matthew Hinsley
Released: July 29, 2016

"A delightful tale of magic and monsters that subverts genre expectations with characters both familiar and equivocal."
A group on a self-imposed mission to track down abducted villagers winds up battling deadly creatures and an evil of unspeakable power in this series-opening debut fantasy. Read full book review >
ROCKMOOR by Matthew Hinsley

"A tight, action-packed fantasy bursting with vigor."
In this sequel, the survivors of a goblin battle continue their journey to a port city where an even greater evil awaits. Read full book review >