Books by Max Bilkins

Released: May 1, 2004

From a writing team composed of two Jersey-shore lieutenant lifeguards with combined service time of some 67 years comes this eye-opening look at just how much work is involved in preparing, policing, and patrolling our sandy shorelines, and in keeping those who visit them safe. "It's 6 A.M. and the beach crew is . . . raking, scraping, shoveling, sifting, and poking." Minimal, declarative text has great impact, telling the story of a full day at the breakers (complete with a dramatic storm and rescue), while O'Brien's busy watercolor and pen-and-ink pictures are a fine reflection of the bustling beach. A sandy band runs across the bottom of almost every page, sort of like a dune-fence full of interesting insider facts and lingo. Readers will enjoy searching for this highlighted info in the larger illustrations, and no one who spends time with this homage to our seashores will ever again take them, or the highly-trained-and-organized teams of people who staff them, for granted. (Picture book/nonfiction. 5-10)Read full book review >