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THE HAPPY TROLL by Max Bolliger
by Max Bolliger, illustrated by Peter Sís, translated by Nina Ignatowicz
Released: June 1, 2005

First U.S. edition of an economically told moral tale, in which a troll loses his beautiful singing voice after a yen for gold turns him prideful. Shunned by his fellows and having lost his songs too, he regains it all by undertaking a long journey to give the gold back. If only it were really so simple. Oh well. Sís seamlessly reworks his illustrations for the original (in which the troll and his folk were dubbed dwarves, but really seem more fairylike) with ground-level natural scenes populated by fuzzy-haired, mouse-sized, childlike human figures in antique dress. Young readers with a taste for measured, thought-provoking tales carried along upon whimsical illustrations will linger here. (Picture book. 6-8)Read full book review >
Released: March 1, 1989

Embarrassed about his unusual ears, the rabbit keeps to himself; his only friend is the moon. Going out into the world, he takes up several professions (chimney sweep, baker, gardener, clown), each time concealing his ears under an appropriate hat; each time, however, the hat falls off, and he is derided. Finally, observing himself and his friend the moon in a pond, he decides that he is proud to be himself; his new pride banishes everyone else's derision. This rather European, highly moral (and not wholly accurate) tale is told with grace. The watercolor illustrations, showing various animals dressed like people and behaving like them, are proficiently executed, full of energy and humorous detail. Worth a try with the picture-book group. Read full book review >