Books by Max Kurzweil

Released: Sept. 1, 2010

Potatoes, potato chips and their packaging provide the materials for this entertaining, pun-filled collection of 29 science demonstrations and experiments plus one crunchy cookie recipe. The potato experiments will be familiar to science teachers but intriguing for young readers; the others offer creative uses for chip bags, lids and tubes. They include making rockets and kites, spinners demonstrating properties of sound and light, even a birdcall. The authors include explanations of the scientific principles involved, information about growing potatoes and making chips and their bags, oddities and curious facts. Recipe-style instructions and illustrations are reasonably clear. This book-with-stuff is packaged in an imitation potato-chip bag with a large number of packing peanuts, chip lids, googly eyes, stickers, a sound chip and a digital clock that can be powered by a potato and more. Although some of the plastic is labeled biodegradable, the whole of the packaging contradicts the message encouraging REuse of such materials. Though aimed at the book-as-toy market, this would be an appealing addition to a craft or science-fair shelf. (Informational gamebook. 8-14)Read full book review >