Books by Meg O'Brien

THIN ICE by Meg O'Brien
Released: Nov. 8, 1993

"But die-hard Mary Higgins Clarkites looking for a fix will find family secrets, sister love, earnest lectures about mythology, and an innocent heroine who grows a tough skin—all with a PG rating."
Several days after her biologist sister Mary Clare, who worked at Sacred Heart Hospital and lived at Sacre Coeur convent, is fished out of the Potomac River, Nicole Ryan finds that somebody (allegedly her late sister) has switched Mary's plane reservations to a Pasadena convention to Nikki's name. Read full book review >
THE KEEPER by Meg O'Brien
Released: Oct. 6, 1992

"The whole plot, from ungainly red herrings to slam-bang finale, doesn't bear much retrospection, but it's guaranteed to keep you up late."
O'Brien's hardcover debut is the nailbiting tale of a child kidnapped from a dysfunctional family. Read full book review >
Released: Aug. 4, 1992

"An appealing, self-deprecating heroine, upscale mobsters, and adventurous mom, plus saucy writing, add to the fun here—and are almost enough to make you forget that the plot doesn't make much sense."
The fourth (and first hardcover) outing, primarily MacGuffin- hunting, for Rochester, New York, investigative reporter Jessica ``Jesse'' James finds her doubting everyone around her— particularly Mafioso lover Marcus, who may be reconciling with his wife; but also her new love interest, handsome pilot Mac Devlin, who gets into violent shoving matches with a man he claims not to know; and her mom's new husband, Charlie, who's spent the last 20 years covering his tracks—but why? Read full book review >