Books by Melinda Haynes

WILLEM’S FIELD by Melinda Haynes
Released: May 5, 2003

"Uneven mix of silliness and insight that doesn't quite coalesce."
The third from Haynes (Chalktown, 2001; and Oprah-pick Mother of Pearl, 1999) is a family drama mixed with gothic comedy set in rural Mississippi circa 1974. Read full book review >
CHALKTOWN by Melinda Haynes
Released: May 2, 2001

"All the trappings of southern gothic—death, race, religion, and violence among country folk—coupled with big ideas about the place of God in these proceedings. Yet Haynes's lyrical prose will captivate readers willing to overlook a few ungainly knots in the storytelling."
Second-novelist Haynes (Mother of Pearl, 1999) prunes back her lush plotting, while maintaining both an extraordinary style and a firm grounding in her native South of the 1960s, to produce a satisfying tale of violence and redemption. Read full book review >
MOTHER OF PEARL by Melinda Haynes
Released: June 1, 1999

"What lingers are moments, sayings, and the marvelous descriptions of sights and sounds in Pearl."
Newcomer Haynes writes swaying, shaded sentences in a promising debut that nicely realizes the atmosphere of Pearl, Mississippi, in the 1950s but that lacks an emotional decisiveness able to justify its prodigious length. Read full book review >