Books by Melodie Johnson Howe

HOLD A SCORPION by Melodie Johnson Howe
Released: Oct. 25, 2016

"Howe (City of Mirrors, 2013, etc.) sets her story in Tinseltown, but her characters lack the pop of classic Hollywood despite hints throughout at her ability to do more."
An aging actress turns amateur investigator after word gets out that she knows more than she's telling about the pedestrian victim of a car accident. Read full book review >
CITY OF MIRRORS by Melodie Johnson Howe
Released: Sept. 15, 2013

"Howe (Beauty Dies, 1994, etc.) creates a Hollywood where no one can be trusted, with much of the action taking the form of mob-rooted violence."
The powerful father of a young leading lady motivates an older actress to stretch her talents to investigating. Read full book review >
BEAUTY DIES by Melodie Johnson Howe
Released: Oct. 1, 1994

"Brash, bubbly, and fearless, a long-overdue sequel to Claire and Maggie's debut (The Mother Shadow, 1989)."
While visiting New York City, Claire Conrad, the distaff Nero Wolfe wannabe whose entourage includes an amanuensis named Maggie Hill, a butler named Boulton, and a limo named Bentley, is buttonholed by Jacqueline Kennedy Murphy, an exotic dancer who talks her way into Claire's hotel suite with a wild story about how the late, legendary model Cybella hasn't killed herself. Read full book review >