Books by Meredith F. Small

Released: May 1, 1998

"No breakthrough research here, but neatly packaged information that elicits new respect for babies and their ability to survive and thrive, whether in the Kalahari or in Chicago."
A look at the not-so-new idea that how babies eat, sleep, and cry is determined by the culture into which they are born—including a subtext that the ever-evolving parenting mode in the US may still not be all that baby-friendly. Read full book review >
Released: Aug. 1, 1995

"Small is the first to admit she doesn't have all the answers; what she does point out is how much lore we need to unlearn, and that is the beginning of wisdom. (15 b&w photos, not seen)"
The short answer is, ``Not much.'' Small (Anthropology/Cornell) is a student of primate behavior, particularly pertaining to mating and parenting. Read full book review >