Books by Meyer Schapiro

Released: Oct. 24, 1997

"Tentative in tone and slow in transition, these essays are, sadly, pale remnants of a great mind and an illustrious scholar. (100 color plates, 38 black and white illustrations, not seen)"
The charisma that charged Schapiro's (Words, Scripts, and Pictures, 1996, etc.) legendary lectures on art history unfortunately doesn't translate to these expanded but cardboard- textured essays about Impressionism. Read full book review >
Released: Oct. 1, 1996

"Schapiro's writing is focused and thorough but also broad- minded, and the concepts in these essays could easily be applied to the study of contemporary media, ranging from the news to feature films. (85 b&w illustrations, not seen)"
Two dogged essays (one not previously published) on the illustration of text and the appearance of script within images, by the late, seminal art historian. Read full book review >