Books by Michael B. Oren

ALLY by Michael B. Oren
Released: June 23, 2015

"Even before its publication, Oren's book has been attacked, based on culls of provocative pieces. Readers would do well to attend to the entire text of this fluent, important political memoir."
The former Israeli ambassador to the United States balances his personal story with his ambassadorial history. Read full book review >
Released: Jan. 15, 2007

"Of considerable interest in that difficult time: well argued, and full of telling moments."
American involvement in Middle Eastern affairs is hardly new—and, writes historian Oren (Six Days of War, 2001, etc.), mostly "graced with good intentions." Read full book review >
REUNION by Michael B. Oren
Released: May 1, 2003

"A standard cast-of-characters tale, formulaic but decently done."
First fiction from a bestselling Middle East historian: a story, based in part on his father's WWII reminiscences, of an army reunion commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Battle of the Bulge. Read full book review >
Released: June 1, 2001

"Careful and well documented: Oren (Senior Fellow/Shalem Center, Jerusalem) finds fault on all sides of the conflict, which is sure to earn him critics everywhere he turns. Essential reading for anyone seeking to understand the history of the troubled region."
A thoroughgoing analysis of the events that combusted 35 years ago to produce a maelstrom in the Middle East. Read full book review >