Books by Michael Crow

MICHAEL CROW is the pseudonym for a prize-winning, critically acclaimed novelist whose works have been translated and published in nine languages. Using this nom de plume he has published RED RAIN and THE BITE, noir-thrillers about Luther Ewing, a street

NO WAY BACK by Michael Crow
Released: June 1, 2005

"Overfamiliar characters, underimagined story."
So-so thriller about a Baltimore cop who goes from suspended scapegoat to short-term spook. Read full book review >
THE BITE by Michael Crow
Released: June 23, 2003

"Apart from the generous Anglo-Saxoning (verbs, adjectives, nouns liberally represented), there's not much special claim on the attention."
Cops-and-robbers fare pitting a Ramboesque hero against the usual swarm of outclassed baddies. Read full book review >