Books by Michael Crummey

SWEETLAND by Michael Crummey
Released: Jan. 19, 2015

"Through its crusty protagonist, Crummey's shrewd, absorbing novel tells us how rich a life can be, even when experienced in the narrowest of physical confines."
On the small fictional island of Sweetland, just south of Newfoundland, a former lighthouse keeper becomes the last man standing when he refuses to accept a government resettlement package—much to everyone's exasperation. Read full book review >
GALORE by Michael Crummey
Released: March 29, 2011

"A lively, eccentric, mythmaking novel inspired by 200 years of Canadian history."
Ghosts, gangsters, mermen and a Christ-like healer who emerges from the belly of a beached whale are among the attractions in a boisterous, one-of-a-kind folk epic about feuding intermarried clans in Newfoundland. Read full book review >
RIVER THIEVES by Michael Crummey
Released: June 19, 2002

"There's a literary renaissance underway just north of us, and Crummey's quite literally astonishing debut novel is one of the brightest jewels in its crown."
A little-known historical atrocity—the extinction of the Beothuk ("Red") Indians of central Newfoundland—becomes an authentic tragedy in this brilliantly constructed, immensely moving debut novel by an award-winning Canadian poet and short-story writer. Read full book review >