Books by Michael Drinkard

REBELS, TURN OUT YOUR DEAD by Michael Drinkard
Released: Feb. 1, 2006

"Drinkard (Disobedience, 1993, etc.) has fashioned an imaginative, unique take on American history, charged with the subtleties of shifting and treacherous loyalties, and all wonderfully human."
Brooklyn novelist Drinkard's latest offers a quirky look at the Revolutionary War from the vantage point of a hemp-growing New York farmer and his family, hampered by conflicting loyalties. Read full book review >
DISOBEDIENCE by Michael Drinkard
Released: June 28, 1993

Southern California native Drinkard (Green Bananas, 1989) draws again on familiarity with his region's terrain and quirky lifestyles—in a brutally comic second novel chronicling the bizarre behavior of a dysfunctional family over five generations. After Eliza and Luther Tibbets had tried in vain for years to have a child, employing every procreative aid and fertility booster Harvard specialists could offer, Eliza turned her mind to oranges. Planting southern California's first navel orange trees in 1885, she nursed a sole survivor through a subsequent drought with the lifeblood of Luther's dog, and convinced her husband that the trees were a mother lode waiting to be mined. A hundred years later—the family line continued by a quick coupling between Eliza and President McKinley, and by Luther's marrying the child when she comes of age—the last of the Tibbets family's acres of groves is under siege by the husband of Eliza's great-granddaughter Mavy. Franklin Wells, a true-blue yuppie who fell off the corporate fast track at Solvtex when his idea for expanding the business was stolen from him and implemented with fantastic success, married Earth-mother Mavy on the rebound. His plans to develop her groves, however, eventually put an end to their marriage; she disappears mysteriously after walking out on him, but their teenage son Aaron will protect his heritage with a vengeance—until a catastrophic mudslide effectively separates him from his past. Apocalyptic, black comedy from first to last: at times uncontrolled and plotless—but never dull. Read full book review >

Most often loopy and soaked to the grain with every alternative California fad imaginable, Drinkard's first novel features the odd couple of Sylvan Park, earth-science student at the University of California/Santa Cruz, and Phyllis Mentone, the administrator of a trendy preschool that employs Sylvan part-time. Ostensibly lesbian, Phyllis wants a baby of her own and has set her sights on blonde, equable, no-one's-fool Sylvan as the sperm donor of choice. It'll be by artificial insemination, Phyllis' choice—but the course of love is never without turns: in time, Phyllis' female lover departs, and natural shocks—in the form of shark attacks and earthquakes—bring Sylvan into Phyllis' life in a more old-fashioned way than as a syringe-filler. With all the woolly la-la-land quirks—as well as the sentimentality and self-indulgence of semi-satirical post-college "weird" first fiction—but nicely paced and genuinely good-hearted throughout. Read full book review >