Books by Michael Hiltzik

THE NEW DEAL by Michael Hiltzik
Released: Sept. 13, 2011

A sweeping, lively survey of the Roosevelt administration's efforts to restart the American economy nearly 80 years ago.

With panache and skill, Pulitzer Prize-winning Los Angeles Times journalist Hiltzik (Colossus: Hoover Dam and the Making of the American Century, 2010, etc.) chronicles the rise and decline of the New Deal, from the desperate improvisation of the Hundred Days through the more carefully considered passage of such landmark legislation as the Securities Exchange Act and the Social Security Act. Read full book review >

Released: April 1, 1999

"Highly recommended."
In the late 1960s, Xerox founded a research center at Palo Alto, Calif. In time, that facility, known as PARC, became ground zero of the computer revolution, as recounted here. Read full book review >