Books by Michael Hurley

The Passage by Michael Hurley
Released: Sept. 30, 2016

"A thoughtful and poetic story of a voyager accepting, and then moving beyond, his personal failures."
A spiritually lost man makes a mystical journey across the Atlantic in this philosophical novel. Read full book review >
THE VINEYARD by Michael Hurley
Released: Nov. 25, 2014

"A real sense of place makes this recommended read almost as much fun as the Vineyard in July."
In this engrossing mashup of chick lit, mystery and romance, Hurley (The Prodigal, 2013, etc.) conjures up experiences that provoke three beautiful young women marred by failure and disappointment to question traditional values (church and family). Read full book review >
THE PRODIGAL by Michael Hurley
Released: May 28, 2013

"Stirring, romantic and evocative of the sea's magic."
A disgraced lawyer finds friends and purpose on the island of Ocracoke in North Carolina when he gets the chance to help refurbish and race a mysterious schooner. Read full book review >