Books by Michael Jones

THE BLACK PRINCE by Michael Jones
Released: May 1, 2018

"A strong biography of a man who has inspired great love across the ages—a must for shelves and collections devoted to medieval times."
Jones (Bosworth 1485: The Battle that Transformed England, 2015, etc.) brings the Middle Ages—and one of England's greatest knights—to life. Read full book review >
AFTER HITLER by Michael Jones
Released: Oct. 6, 2015

"A skillful historian demonstrates how courage and hope characterized the last act of the great campaign to bring peace to Europe 70 years ago."
A detailed account of the final 10 days of World War II in Europe depicts, in full color, the collapse of the Nazi war machine and, with it, the genesis of the Cold War. Read full book review >
BOSWORTH 1485 by Michael Jones
Released: Sept. 15, 2015

"An admirable, mildly revisionist update on a widely misunderstood king."
The 2012 discovery of Richard III's remains produced a flurry of accounts of the famous Shakespearean villain whose short reign ended in the battle that launched the Tudor dynasty. In this latest, British historian Jones (After Hitler: The Last Days of the Second World War in Europe, 2015, etc.) rocks no boats and agrees with most modern scholars that Richard (1452-1485) was not such a bad fellow.Read full book review >
Released: Oct. 29, 2013

"Ricardians rejoice!"
Exciting, engagingly narrated tale of the "search to discover the real Richard III," co-authored by screenwriter Langley and historian Jones (Total War: From Stalingrad to Berlin, 2011, etc.). Read full book review >
THE RETREAT by Michael Jones
Released: Dec. 7, 2010

"Despite inadequate maps, this is a useful and painful reminder that the Battle of Britain and invasion of Normandy contributed far less to Hitler's defeat than the Russian front, where a viciously dirty war inflicted 75-80 percent of German casualties."
A gripping slog through the first winter on the eastern front of World War II. Read full book review >